HR Law Hotline November 30, 2020

Using AI Tools To Manage Intellectual Capital - Legal and ethical considerations

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) pervades the Human Resources (HR) system, how prepared are organisations and the HR function itself? A growing number of first-mover companies are deploying AI-based tools, largely in talent recruitment, performance management, development and compensation. While this augurs fascinating opportunities for the HR function to raise its efficacy, impact, agility and effectiveness, it will need a strong foundation based on legal and ethical considerations, apart from a robust framework for strategic, functional and transformation management.

In the cover feature of’s HCM Excellence Magazine (APAC & Middle East, November 2020), NDA’s Aaron Kamath, Nanda Majumdar and Vikram Shroff expound on ‘Using AI Tools to Manage Intellectual Capital - Legal and Ethical Considerations. The article examines Legal Aspects around talent, including determining liability, privacy and data protection, IP and employee benefits, as well as Ethical and HR strategies that companies need to take cognizance of if they are to reap the best benefits.

Clearly, adoption of AI in Human Capital management will involve a complex transition. So, a learning and evolutionary mindset is essential to steer this into perfect form and substance.

A must-read for the HR Leaders and Managers, C-Suites, and Technology Experts, besides Legal Professionals, seeking a well-integrated path to AI-driven excellence in People Management.

(The article can be accessed at the link below)

Aaron Kamath, Nanda Majumdar & Vikram Shroff

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