At NDA, innovation and creativity dominates the way we think and work, the methods and practices we cultivate, and how we engage with our community and fraternity.

Over the years, we have started and nurtured certain initiatives that reflect our commitment to our people, knowledge, learning and education, thought leadership, social responsibility, and the larger community.

Continuing Education Program

Our mission of being trusted advisor to our clients, and strategic intent of ensuring the best and creative solutions to complex issues, calls for cutting edge know-how, skill, and expertise in our professionals. From the outset, therefore, we have made education and capability development a strategic priority, and a way of life.

Continuing Education (CE) Program is thus a structured approach to learning and development of our people. It symbolizes why NDAites view our firm as a 'Law school after law school'. Every morning, we assemble for about an hour for a session of collective learning. The CE topics range from the latest developments and jurisprudence in law, policy and business; case studies of deals and transactions; experience and expertise sharing; technical (in different areas of law), conceptual or skill-based (competency) training etc. In effect, we interact, analyze, discuss, debate interpret, and learn. We often formulate our positions on different matters of law and perspectives on global developments in these sessions. These sessions have often been launch pads for innovative approaches to complex issues.

We find far-reaching benefits. The interactive sessions provide us insight, versatility (broad-based knowledge base), confidence, and professional growth. They facilitate team interaction, intellectual stimulation and convergence, and sharing of best practices and experiences amongst our professionals. But most of all, CEs help fast track every individual's professional growth and capability, making him or her far more well-rounded, flexible, skilled and thorough. We believe CEs unravel and cultivate the potential in people, setting them up for an outstanding career in the field of law.

But more importantly, the central purpose of CEs is Client Enablement. The continuous education and updated knowhow allow our professionals to extend greater value to our clients and provide creative solutions to complex problems. Often, our clients too are invited to participate in customized training and knowledge sharing sessions.

Campus Connect

We are particularly committed to the cause of education and learning. In many formal and informal ways, we cultivate and connect with legal and management institutions, among others, across the world. Our professionals have given talks and taught at law schools, mentored law school students, and shared their valuable professional experience and skills.

We have also developed strong connections with various faculty at many institutions across the world - and give due importance to the exchange and appreciation of knowledge and expertise between the academia and the law firm.

That apart, through our internship and hiring programs, we have established close ties with institutions and the student community. Our emphasis though, has primarily been to spread knowledge and right professional skills and perspective to as many students and campuses that we can reach.

Any institution that is keen to reach us may write in to hr(at)

Nth Sphere

We attach great value to the network and community we flourish in. At NDA, our relationships with clients, global leaders, fellow professionals, advisors, well-wishers, intellectuals and experts in a diverse range of fields have grown over time into a meaningful nexus of trust, support, friendship and good-will. We call this eclectic and friendly network of NDA well wishers, goodwill ambassadors and enthusiasts, the Nth Sphere. The Nth Sphere has absorbed many of our interns and academic institution partners as well.

We form a mutual support system. For instance, we share our network and facilitate connections among members of Nth sphere. Simply put, we are devoted to our Nth sphere and draw tremendous strength from their belief and support in us, in the best and worst of times.

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