The firm receives Internship applications either directly from students or as coordinated by their Institutes. Often, Institutes themselves pre-screen on the basis of our criteria and send us a shortlist of recommended candidates. The firm reserves the right to choose a candidate on its own perception of merit and other criteria.

When: We typically offer four weeks of internship - extending or reducing the duration on exceptional need basis.

If you believe the above criteria work for you, then we invite you to submit your application three to six months before the dates for internship you have in mind. If you have greater flexibility to adjust your internship slot with our availability, it works better.

Applications for internships are typically considered for review three months before the requested or available slot for internship. Only in cases of exceptional talent qualifications or where the intern has necessary flexibility for scheduling of internship slot, can there be an advance follow through for the application.

How: The applicant should submit his or her curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages), samples of written work or projects (if any), academic credentials, along with a brief covering letter. These should be mailed to: along with a completed Intern Application Form.

Do write to us at internship(at)

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