The firm chooses from time to time to offer paralegal opportunities and internships to certain persons as a gesture of goodwill and support towards the larger cause of learning. This aligns to the firm’s larger objective to include, educate and nurture diverse segments of the community.

The firm also offers virtual internships to applicants with voluntary zeal, who may participate as interns from wherever they are located. This is termed our Volintern program.

The firm also offers selective internships to international students for variable durations. We have had interns from some of the best institutions in the world including Harvard and others, and have designed customized programs that are highly popular and enriching.


Nishith Desai Associates offers internships to international students from some of the best institutions in the world including Harvard Law School. We design and customize programs that are popular and exciting while still being enriching and informative. This internship opportunity is an extraordinary chance for international students to gain an inside look into traditional Indian law practice at a unique Indian law firm.

NDA looks for more than an excellent academic record but for a well-rounded and self-driven individual who tends to share the firm’s values; this internship is an opportunity to learn and gain not just from the intern’s perspective but also from the firm’s side. The thorough application process allows for both to gain an understanding of expectations and goals with formal communication at every stage of the intern selection process: from virtual interviews to the many emails.

Over the last 3 years, Harvard interns have provided exceedingly positive feedback about NDA – a testament to the remarkable experience the program provides its interns. These interns first and foremost commend the welcoming culture and warm people that surround them throughout the journey. Work spaces for interns are not sectioned off but rather integrated in with other attorneys to facilitate easy interactions and collaboration. Mentors are assigned to oversee interns’ time spent. They, along with members of the firm and support staff, try their best to enrich the interns’ experience. Interns meet with the legal practice firm leaders, work with talented professionals, learn about the cutting edge of legal practice in India, and ultimately develop a strong relationship with a rather remarkable law firm.

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