Our Firm does not believe in 'head hunting' or 'poaching' talent as a practice. We hold that talented professionals at all levels, who identify deeply enough with our ethos and are inspired and keen enough, will directly apply to us.

Yet, we intend to make no compromises on the quality and compatibility of talent we bring on board. Our selection process is therefore rigorous and multi-stage. The potential candidate may have to appear for several rounds of interviews and interactions, including a meeting with the firm's Managing Partner. We encourage a potential recruit to get to know peers and colleagues in the firm, and get the best possible understanding of what to expect before s/he officially joins.

At entry and relatively fresh levels, we typically take a decision to hire after the individual has had at least two internship stints with the firm. Only those interns with extremely high chances of being hired are offered a second internship. We review in great detail samples of written work by a prospective hire – memos, articles, papers, projects, etc. – given our huge emphasis on research, verbal and written communication. We also use competency level tests for both technical and behavioral assessment, as required.

Our stringent hiring practices are necessary principally because we invest hugely in our talent development. Education, exposure, and experience are imparted in a relatively fast track manner.

In lateral hires, we seek diverse professional knowledge and skills, as well as strong alignment in culture, attitude, expectations, and values. CLICK HERE to know more on Lateral Opportunities.

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