Brief Testimony of a few lateral applications with official picture

We invite applicants to understand our organization and what entails being a part of NDA. Nishith Desai Associates has set distinct standards and benchmarks in the area of firm management. We have attempted at aligning our policies, processes and practices with our internal value system, mission statement and vision for the coming years.

As a firm, we are keen on retaining people that are in sync with our firm's energy. Our selection process is based on metrics that go beyond academia and work-experience. A cultural fit along with a desire to knowledge share, are platforms we strongly consider before accepting a candidate for a full-time position. Besides that, applicants are graded on meritocracy, good-writing skills, technical proficiency and professional credentials. We have developed a transparent system of admission that has been applauded by reputed publications such as the John Wiley.

Creativity and discipline are at the forefront of our practice. We believe in "brain count" versus a headcount and are conservative about mindless scaling. Our attorneys are intensively trained on various levels to eventually become leaders. We have long handled large, global projects via our intimately sized teams, which help maintain client confidentiality to the highest level.

Nishith Desai Associates aspires to be a distinct organization that will have a threshold of 200 smart level 5 professionals by the year 2020.

Some characteristics of which are:

  • We are trusted advisors to our Clients, who unfailingly receive the best value
  • We aspire to create an institutional counsel practice
  • We create new age jurisprudence through research, academics and thought leadership
  • A culture of creativity, research, strategic thinking, collegiality and discipline constantly take clients to new heights
  • We are a melting pot for inter-disciplinary talent to come together and create a new fascinating global order in the field of law without engaging in multi-disciplinary practice.
  • The members of the firm consider themselves trustees of the future of one another
  • Leadership is integral at all levels, and hierarchy and designation are merely for discharging responsibility and accountability
  • Career progression is competency or merit based and linked to "Performance, Attitude and Loyalty" (PAL)
  • Competition is respected, and coopetition matters more than competition
  • Principles of trust, responsibility and accountability drive organizational behavior to ultimately become a torch bearer in the profession, society and world
  • Take our social responsibility seriously
  • Foster an attitude to 'be happy in all circumstances'

We believe in qualitative growth, and prefer to work in small competent teams which deftly compete with larger organizations, and achieve more through focus, team work, intelligence and use of technology. Every professional joining NDA may typically expect the following:

  • Complex, high quality, challenging work with an enviable client roster that includes many of the world's best known companies
  • Creativity, fun and discipline
  • A distinctly different work and firm culture that fosters leaders at all levels, strategic thinking, initiative, discipline, multi-practice and multi-industry exposure, teamwork, collaboration, innovation and learning
  • Continuous professional development where research, continuing education, and thought leadership are a way of life (We call it 'A Law School after Law School')
  • A warm, collegial, supportive, enthusiastic, friendly work environment

So, if you are driven by exceptional quality and the challenge of excellence, and willing to go the extra mile to get there; and if you are a leader at heart and a winner in spirit, looking to build a career of impact, thought leadership and responsibility, but by living the highest ideals of the legal profession, then Nishith Desai Associates may be where you belong!

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