Vodafone v. India Investment Treaty Arbitration : Issues & implications for Foreign Investors & States ( 00:02:15)

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Research Papers

This forum provides access to some of our published research, working papers and research articles. All research work and papers are intellectual properties of Nishith Desai Associates.

December 2020 Mediation: The Go-To Dispute Resolution Mechanism in India!

Nishith Desai Associates along with Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) releases their new publication “Mediation: The Go To Dispute Resolution Mechanism in India” discussing the background, legislative reforms, Singapore Convention and...

October 2020 Telemedicine in India

The research paper provides a comprehensive overview of the legal and regulatory framework applicable to telemedicine, including the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines released earlier this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

October 2020 5G Technology in India

5G technology will usher in a much greater revolution than itself. At the base level, it will significantly increase the capacity and reach of existing mobile networks through greater data throughput and ultralow latency. But in a larger sense, 5G...

August 2020 Doing Business in India

This paper acts as a broad legal guide for starting and carrying on operations in India as it attempts to introduce the basic legal regime governing the conduct of business in India.

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Our Proud Moment

NDA for the Thomson Reuter's Trust Law Impact Award of the year.

We are excited to let you know that Nishith Desai Associates has been nominated for the Thomson Reuter’s TrustLaw Impact Award for their project on “India Impact Investing Guide”.

The TrustLaw Impact Award recognizes projects that demonstrate significant impact for an NGO or social enterprise, their community, and beyond.



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