Nishith Desai Associates features as a case study law firm in the book ‘The Visible Expert® Revolution

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With your blessings and continued support, Nishith Desai Associates (“NDA”) recently completed 35 years of ably serving and creating value for its clients, stakeholders and well-wishers across the globe. Today, NDA is described as a non-traditional and unconventional law firm where lawyers learn and teach new things every morning, every day, throughout the year.

One of the recent and notable milestones for the firm is its inclusion as a case study law firm in the book, “The Visible Expert® Revolution: How to Turn Ordinary Experts into Thought Leaders, Rainmakers and Industry Superstars” authored by distinguished marketing thought leaders Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D., Liz Harr and Karl Feldman.

As we reflect on our journey and the remarkable evolution of our firm, it is essential to recognize the vision and resilience of our founder Dr. Nishith Desai, regarded as the father of international tax in India, who took a bold step of establishing NDA back in 1989. Despite the unconventional move of barristers opening law firms, Nishith saw this as an opportunity to develop and train the next generation of socially conscious lawyers. He studied and interviewed over 100 managing partners and professional services firms, with a dream to develop a distinctly different law firm having the right balance of expertise and culture.

The book cites him stating “Every new technology, every new business model, every new social, political or economic development creates a new strategic, legal, tax or ethical issue.” Nishith’s approach evolved into a philosophy centered around anticipating new trends, especially where technology and social change meet the law and prepare for the future well in advance. Over the years, NDA has emerged as a prominent Indian law firm, offering counsel to clients on sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, autonomous vehicles and drones. The firm has been continuously recognised as one of Asia’s Most Innovative Law Firm by RSG-Financial Times (2014-2019).

Nishith understood that being an expert was only a part of the equation and to be distinctly different, visibility plays a key role. He endeavoured to make his team evolve from resident to global experts and encouraged each lawyer to develop their micro monopolies. By nurturing a culture of continuous learning, research and specialisation, today NDA has transformed into a globally recognised firm of visible experts. This visibility strategy is underpinned by the halo effect, a psychological principle that suggests if clients have positive feelings about a person, they are likely to believe that the person’s firm is pretty wonderful as well.

The Visible Expert® Revolution offers practical insights, real-world case studies and tried-and-tested advice, empowering readers to understand the complexities of personal branding and marketing. We invite you to avail your copy from Amazon today! Click here.

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Nishith Desai Associates is an India-centric global law firm with the reputation of being one of Asia’s most Innovative Law Firm. NDA is highly regarded as a research and strategy-driven international firm with offices in Mumbai, Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), Bangalore, Singapore, New Delhi, Gift City, Munich and New York. The founder, Nishith Desai, is recognized as the father of international tax specialty in India and has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Amity University. For more -


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