We have evolved detailed, structured, and easy-to-use processes for much of what we do. From strategic planning, decision-making, monthly leadership meetings, strategy calls, client management tools, time spend record, work flow management, management information system (MIS) usage, technology enablers, and knowledge management - we have processes for most things. A Balanced Scorecard Management system, a Performance & Development Program, Committees for Continuing Education, Intern Selection, Fun Management, and even Processes, abound.

But we also appreciate the space needed for flexibility, debate, improvisation, continuous improvement and innovation. We cultivate a climate that fosters diversity and, smart-working, and a virtual organization mindset, leveraging technology to the fullest. We also communicate a lot – often to a fault!

Typically, firm members should be prepared for:

  • Merit-based and seniority-neutral growth
  • Opportunity to work on high-profile and sophisticated transactions
  • Great variety and quality of work
  • Exposure to international clients, professionals and fora
  • Very high degree of responsibility and accountability
  • Continuing education and extensive training
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences, publish articles
  • Opportunity to participate in and contribute to firm management
  • Exponential growth in compensation @ performance and competency
  • Participate in creating new theories and jurisprudence
  • Working conditions that seek strong discipline and process orientation, but also appreciates democratic thinking and creative freedom

Life at NDA is centered on client work, learning, and intellectual fulfillment. We also give due importance to our management, financial, information technology and knowledge management processes. We expect our associates to respect, be disciplined and systematic with these processes and methods, which enhance and sustain our firm's effectiveness and efficiency.

However, camaraderie, spontaneity, happiness, sharing, and fun at work are also highly cherished and typical. So, be prepared to make friends for life when you join NDA.

Work schedule

As a firm, we seek to be strictly disciplined about our working schedules. We believe an early start works best. As a rule, we start the day early – our members are expected to be in office no later than 9 a.m. in the morning. We begin with our Continuing Education program at 9 a.m. Firm members are also expected to join 'strategy calls' (virtually) as early as 8:25 a.m., but an average associate does not usually have to attend more than one or two such calls a week.

We also actively encourage our people to finish their day's work early enough to have due work-life balance. We do not have a culture of 'sitting up late' in office, unless there is a critical and urgent assignment.

That said, we attach utmost importance to client service, and in spirit are committed to attend to our clients 24*7. A member of the firm has to be committed to this.

Mission and Vision

Distinctly Different


Lifecycle of India Focused Funds Conference
May 18, 2018

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Round Table

Stressed M&A / PE in India: Evolving Structures and Trends
February 27, 2018

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